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About Us
Mission Statement
St. Rita strives to be a safe, caring, nurturing environment with high expectations of all our students.   St. Rita believes each student can reach their full potential spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally in an environment that fosters and celebrates our Catholic identity.  The Good News of the gospel and our Catholic traditions are modeled and integrated into the whole learning experience.
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
Staff, students, parents and the church collaborates to maintain a positive and nurturing environment at St. Rita School. We recognize that an education in the most enabling environment must be provided for all students. It is a shared responsibility among school, home, church and community which provides students the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.
At St. Rita School everything we do ensures the presence of a Catholic Environment. Throughout the day students realize opportunities to discover God in their lives.
In addition to the regular school program based on the Ministry Curriculum guidelines, St. Rita School also provides the following:
  • Regular Liturgical and Para-Liturgical Celebrations
  • Monthly TCDSB Virtues Celebrated
  • Special Education services for identitified students
  • Language Impaired and Behavior Program
  • Wide variety of extra curricular activities
  • An annual Christmas Community mass and Spring Tea
  • An Early Literacy Program
  • A grade 7/8 after school Literacy and Numeracy program
  • Instrumental and Vocal Music programs
  • School Choir
  • An Adult English as a Second Language Program 
Our Safe Arrival Program and our Code of Behavior help to provide a safe and welcoming environment for your child.
At St. Rita School we work diligently to develop a love of learning and the skills and attitude needed for students to reach their full potential.