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About Us

St. Robert Catholic School provides a learning environment wherein Gospel values and Catholic teachings and beliefs are integral to the daily life of the school. As a school community we help each student develop a deep personal relationship with Christ so that it manifests itself in the student's interactions with others.
The Catholic environment which exists at St. Robert Catholic School is evident through:
• Daily teaching of religion and daily prayers
• A prayer corner and crucifix in each classroom
• Monthly school liturgies/classroom liturgies
• Sacramental preparation for first reconciliation, first holy Eucharist and confirmation
• Community service projects in assistance of those in need
Of ongoing importance at St. Robert is the provision of a safe and welcoming environment. Our code of behaviour encourages our students to practice daily interactions that demonstrate:
• Respect for themselves
• Respect for others
• Peaceful resolution to conflict
Our students are encouraged to develop a sense of self-worth and self-esteem in a setting where staff and students have respect for themselves and others.
Our safe arrival program assists us in accounting for all our students. Parents assist us in making this program successful by informing us in the event of their child's absence.
This academic year our curriculum initiatives focus is on the following:
• Technological education
• Media literacy
Our school priorities have been articulated through assistance from our school community. Our staff is working diligently to implement our school priorities.



Mission Statement
St. Robert School is dedicated to guiding, encouraging and nurturing students to reach full potential in their spiritual, emotional and academic development. Staff and students, working with parents and parish will create a safe and welcoming environment. We celebrate and recognize each student’s uniqueness while encouraging the development of individuals who are independent problem solvers. Our goal is to have students who practice gospel values and who love to learn in an atmosphere that is Christ centered.