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School History And Tradition


St. Robert Catholic School prayer

Our heavenly Father,

Today we offer you ourselves with arms to reach out

and hearts to give love.

St. Robert, partron of the school,

fill with your Grace this day to love,

to care,

and to share

always with one another.



In 1969 the original school St. Robert Catholic School, located at 70 Bainbridge Avenue, consisted of 10 classrooms, a library and had a total of 194 students.

As the area grew, the enrolment increased and the need for a larger school developed. In 1973 enrolment grew to 346 students. The school was divided into two schools to accommodate the increase. St. Robert School South remained at 70 Bainbridge while St. Robert School North shared facilities with another school.

In 1980 the north and south campuses of St. Robert Schools joined together at 819 Sheppard Avenue.

In 2003, St. Robert School moved back to 70 Bainbridge Avenue, into a new building with over 24 classrooms, a double gymnasium, library and approximately 600 students. In 2009, St. Robert unveiled its peace garden, a spiritual extension of our school community and a tranquil setting for both teaching and reflecting.

The patron saint of our school is St. Robert Bellarmine, born in 1542 and died September 17, 1621. St. Robert was a scholar and the first Jesuit to become a professor at Louvain. He devoted his life to the study of scripture and Catholic doctrine. The process for his canonization was begun in 1627. In 1931 Pope Pius XI declared him a doctor of the church.