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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Dress Code
St. Robert’s C.S. has adopted a Dress Code for all our students since September 2010. The Appropriate Dress Code consists of any combination of white and navy blue garments (i.e., plain white top with collar, navy blue bottom; navy blue top and bottom; no denim, no hoodies, no logos). All students can wear a variety of items as long as they are from the approved list. St. Robert’s Catholic School has engaged Halpern’s as our school’s official vendor. Check Halpern’s official website, for a list or call the school for a list of approved clothing items.
Students are encouraged to develop self-esteem and a sense of pride by wearing the St. Robert’s Dress Code clothes appropriately. The proper wearing of the school Dress Code is instrumental in building school spirit and in helping us to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment.

Students must be in full Dress Code for the entire school day, and in all areas of the school.

Students who arrive to school with an incomplete Dress Code will be sent to the Main Office for an Admit Slip.

All Dress Code pieces are expected to be clean and in good condition.

Dress Code in TCDSB Schools

All Elementary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt an Appropriate Dress Code or Uniform Dress Code.

All Secondary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt a Uniform Dress Code.
Parents are encouraged to review the local dress code at their child’s school and to direct their questions to the principal of the school.