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About Us 
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
In a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, our Mission is to help individual learners to achieve their highest potential in intellectual, emotional, social, moral, cultural and physical development--all in the context of the faith dimension.
To meet the diversified needs, abilities and interests of our students, a broad spectrum of programs and services is available at St. Roch's: French immersion classes, Italian language and cultural program, instrumental music, guidance, English as a second language program, remedial speech, program for learning disabled, multi-handicapped class, language impaired class and general special education classes.
The use of program modification strategies for student with specific needs is an accepted part of school practice and begins with the early identification of students at risk in kindergarten. The school is committed to the integration of special needs students utilizing withdrawals as and when appropriate. Regular meetings with school and Toronto Catholic District School Board personnel are held throughout the school year to discuss students that have been identified by the classroom teacher and parents.
Our staff is strongly committed to provide programs based on Catholic teaching and congruent with Ministry of Education and Board curriculum guidelines and initiatives. For 1995-96 we are placing more emphasis in the following areas:
  • The acquisition by students of life and social skills
  • The teaching of design technology at all levels
  • The provision of a safe, orderly learning environment where respect for others and respect for authority are as important as academic learning
  • TLC or teaching and learning with computers
  • The understanding and appreciation of the Eucharistic liturgy
Within each class there is a proper balance of individual, small group and large group instruction and the teachers try to tailor their programs to meet the students' needs. Activity centres have been set up in many classrooms for remediation, motivation and enrichment and children are provided with hands-on materials in mathematics and science to learn at their own developmental level.
The regular program is well served by other activities. A host of co/extra curricular activities are offered to students--all kinds of sports, choir, band, liturgical celebrations, public speaking, a technology fair, school concerts, theatre productions, carnival, excursions, math competition, W5H, young authors' conference, student council, peer mediators, student patrollers and more.
The staff is working hard to ensure that our school is orderly, attractive and safe for the children. A discipline code is in place and student assemblies have been held to present school rules. In addition, there is a safe arrival program in place coordinated by the secretaries.