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School History And Tradition
St. Roch Catholic School opened in September 1968 to serve the needs of Catholic students living in the Humber Summit area, the northwest corner of North York.
The school is named after a 14th century saint born in southern France who spent most of his life nursing those who had the plague. Legends tell us that Roch became afflicted with the disease himself. He was kept alive by a dog bringing him a loaf of bread daily until the dog's master found Roch and cared for him until he recovered. He is usually shown with a pilgrim's staff, a dog at his feet and a sore--the mark of the plague, showing on his thigh.
During the first few years, most of the students were families of Italian background living in nearby semi-detached homes, townhouses and apartments. Over time, the composition of the school community changed. The school has experienced an influx of students whose families originated in many parts of the world.
In 1977, the student population peaked at 1218. Parents were attracted to the strong Catholic presence within our school which challenges students and staff to grow in faith and love of neighbour and Church.
In 1979, an Italian international language program was introduced on an extended day basis.
The school celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1993.