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About Us
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of our Students
St. Rose of Lima School is committed to Catholic Education and the Catholic Graduate Expectations, providing the best possible education to our students in order to develop their potential.  Development of good Christian attitudes and values nurture a respect for self and others.  Students are instilled with a sense of self-worth and dignity that is the foundation for all meaningful learning.  
St. Rose of Lima is a caring school that strives to develop a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students.  The staff of St. Rose of Lima is highly effective and dedicated to ensuring that all students regardless of their ability have the opportunity to succeed.  Teachers, support staff and administrative staff are committed to attempting new and exciting methodologies and innovative approaches to teaching/learning.
Our Safe Arrival Program assists in ensuring the safety of students.  If a child is absent from school, and parents have not already informed the school of their child’s absence, the school will contact the home.  In order to facilitate this program parents are encouraged to call the school if their child is going to be absent.  If your child has your permission to leave the school during the school day, the parent must inform the school in writing.  If someone other than the parent is picking up your child the teacher/office must be informed.
The Code of Behaviour emphasizes mutual respect, conflict resolution and self-discipline. Tolerance and acceptance of others, commitment to our Catholic faith and high academic standards are key.
Mathematics/Science /Technology – In addition to the regular program, using the Nelson Mathematics, teachers will modify the curriculum to meet the individual needs of students.  The programs in Mathematics, Science & Technology focus on problem solving and independent work and reflect a growing ability to apply new concepts.  Hands-on manipulatives, apparatus, and equipment allow students to develop skills, concepts and theories in these areas.
Literacy – Helping students to become effective readers and writers is a priority at St. Rose.  Students participate in activities daily to develop these skills.  Students are also encouraged to read at home each day and discuss what they have read with an adult to demonstrate their understanding of the text.  Primary classes are paired with older students for “Reading Buddies” on a weekly basis.  The older students model good reading skills to the younger students.
Our students come to us with a variety of strengths and needs, with our Catholic faith as our common bond. Our instructional programs are developed to meet the individual needs of our students. The students have access to special education programs, various hands-on resources and computer-based technology to make learning relevant and attainable.
There are a number of Special Programs at St. Rose of Lima School:
  • ESL - English as a Second Language instruction is offered to assist students from grade 3 to 8 in developing communication skills in the English language and facility with the curriculum.
  • FSL – French instruction is provided for all students in grades 1 to 8.
  • Gifted Program classes - Students from a variety of TCDSB schools from grades 5 through 8 attend a differentiated instructional program.
  • Vocal music is provided for students from JK to grade 6 
  • Instrumental Music Program is available for grades 7 & 8. 
  • Special Education, Learning Disability, Language Disability, and Behavior Class Programs are available for students with special needs.
  • Physical Education – classes are provided for students from Kindergarten to grade 6
  • Gifted Program - Grade 5,6,7 and 8 students who are identified as Gifted, attend the Gifted Withdrawal Program
St. Rose of Lima has always had a strong Extra-Curricular program including talent shows, concerts, choirs, W5H, Carnaval, chess club, dramatic presentations, outdoor play days in the winter and spring, ECO club (environmental awareness activities), Health Action Team, Me to We and other leadership activities.  As well, there are many athletic competitions including baseball, basketball, house leagues, flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross-country and track and field.
There are three formal Reporting Periods throughout the school year including: Progress Report (November), First Term Report Card (February), Second Term Report Card (June).  Communication regarding a student’s progress is ongoing between the school and parent throughout the year.
Parents are encouraged to be active partners in the education of their child(ren).  As such, communication between home and school is essential to ensure student success.