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For Parents

Safe Arrival and Dismissal

By 9:30 a.m. each day, all students must be accounted for.  It is the policy of the Toronto Catholic District School Board that parents are contacted when their child(ren) is/are absent from school, unless school staff are aware of the reason for the absence. 

Reporting Absences:

Parents/guardians need to call the school as soon as possible to explain when the child will be away, or send a note the day before (e.g. regarding doctor or dentist appointments).  Or, you may call in the evening or in the morning, preferably before 8:30 a.m. to report an absence. Please leave a message for our secretary, Mrs. Novis on the school answering machine.


After School Dismissal:

 When changes to the normal after-school dismissal/pick-up arrangements for your child are made, please send a signed note ahead of time to inform the teacher.  Or, you can inform staff by calling the school or coming to the school.


Permission To Leave School Early:

No student is to leave the school unannounced. This is a security issue.  Here are a few guidelines.

  • If your child must leave early during some part of a school day, parents/guardians are asked to send a “signed and dated” note to the child’s teacher, advising her/him of the reason for the early dismissal.
  • If a child is being picked up during school hours, the parent/guardian must come to the school office, so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • If a child is being picked up by a designate, rather than the parent/guardian, a note “signed and dated” by the parent/guardian indicating such must be provided to the school.


    A Couple Of Reminders To Parents 


    1) During the winter months the temperature outside can seem quite bitter. Please check the daily weather and ensure that your son/daughter is dressed appropriately for that day.
      what not to wearwhat to wear
    2) The dress code for the school is a white dress shirt or polo top and blue pants or skirt/tunic for girls (NO JEANS).
    As in every school year beginnign, we thought it would be a good idea to remind all familiess about the TCDSB Appropriate Dress Code. The Appropriate Dress Code requires that students wear a white top and navy bottoms (no jeans). Garments worn may include: shorts, skirts, dresses, pants, golf shirts, cargo pants, Capri pants, blouses, and dress shirts. There should be no bare midriff, no underwear showing (including bra straps), no short shorts or short skirts, no revealing or low-cut tops and no spaghetti straps. Racer-back tops are also not appropriate. Tights, yoga pants, and/or leggings worn without skirts or shorts are not permitted.  Although comfortable to wear, flip flops are not recommended as they do not safely or adequately protect feet from injury; sturdy shoes (i.e., possibly buckled sandals) or running shoes properly protect the feet from accidental injury and allow for safe participation in school activities.  When a student regularly and blatantly demonstrates disregard for the TCDSB Appropriate Dress Code, a phone call home as well as other code of conduct consequences will follow accordingly.Parental support and adherence to our policies is always much appreciated. At times, families have had difficulty finding sizes and styles for their child. Just a reminder, you are not expected to purchase clothing from a particular retailer. Where parents purchase these items does not matter. Several clothing retailers offer items in these colours and in children sizes. Local stores will usually stock these items for August and early September. If you need further guidance or you are having difficulty finding clothing items, please contact the school and we will do our utmost to assist you.