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Several TCDSB Gifted Withdrawal Centres participated in the 2018/2019 Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Competition.  The ExploraVision competition engages students to solve real world problems with a strong emphasis on STEM. ExploraVision challenges students to envision and communicate new technology 20 years in the future through collaborative brainstorming and research of current science and technology.
7 teams from the TCDSB Gifted Withdrawal Centres were named Honourable Mention Winners.  The Honourable Mention award places these teams’ projects among the top 10% of all ExploraVision projects submitted to the competition this year. 

Honourable Mention Recipients:


St Clement Gifted Withdrawal Centre

Team Members: Monica Andrews, Maria Dalakouras, Michael Switakowski, Gregory Tobin (Grade 5)
Invention: The Eco Worm
The Eco Worm was designed to help deal with the problem of too much plastic waste. The Eco Worm is a solar powered robotic machine that resembles and worm and consumes and breaks down plastics that litter public spaces.
Team Members: Chole Accardi, Robert Byliniak, and Kaiden Chaulk (Grade 5)
Invention: The Prescripto-Fix
The Prescripto-Fix is a cream that can be infused with any mediacation to allow for a slow, timed-release of any prescription medication. It will also prevent people from taking the medication too frequently or for children or adults overdosing on the medication. It also comes in a container that has a timed-release mechanism to only open at intervals according to the prescription dosage frequency, to also ensure there is no mistaken usage of the medication. 
Team Members: Christian Fatouros, Sebastien Lee, Nigel Santamaria, and Kyle Rioati (Grade 6)
Invention: The Carbon Crusher
The Carbon Crusher aims to help prevent hard to remove automobile-sourced pollution from entering the air. It is a sleeve composed of a variety of specific materials that are going to trap particulates from fossil fuels. The Carbon Crusher is to be placed on the exhaust pipes of cars to trap the particles, and once the filter is full, it can be replaced and reused as a solid fuel source as well. 
Team Members: Marco Benedet, Jayden Congiusti-Bettencourt, and Izaak Dalton (Grade 6)
The Plastapaper
The Plastapaper’s goal is to reduce the pressure on forests as a source of pulp material while reusing plastic waste. It has created a method for converting plastic waste into a form of post-consumer use paper. 

St Catherine Gifted Withdrawal Centre  

Team Members: Gabriel Galang, Jordan Pangan, Danika Wong, Eniola Ajayi (Grade 5/6)
Invention: SCAS (Soil Cleaning Absorbent Sponge
The S.C.A.S. (Soil Cleaning Absorbent Sponge) is a robot that's designed to remove any harmful toxins/ bacteria from the soil which would be used mostly on farms.

St Rose of Lima Gifted Withdrawal Centre

Team Members: Bea Lascano, Stephanie Milla, Vanessa Villareal (Grade 6)
Invention: YEET Pills
YEET Pills is a state of the art vending machine which dispenses medicine (pills) for people who need them in a safe and effective way.  YEET Pills prevents accidental overdose and from other people who are not the patient from taking them via a high-tech scanner.
Team Members: Sharon Babatunde, Nathan David, Rafael Yap (Grade 6)
Invention: Self-Sorting Trashcan
The Self-Sorting Trashcan has the ability to sort all types of trash into the correct category which prevents unnecessary garbage from ending up in landfills and contaminating the soil.  This invention will help increase recycling and composting and make our Earth a healthier place.

Congratulations to all the winners!  Students are commended for a job well done in demonstrating innovative thinking in their exploration of science and its impact on technology and the future.  Thank you to Mr Daley, Mrs Batuk and Mrs Wong-Tinson for their leadership role and guidance in this project.


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