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St. Rose of Lima Student: Chef Corner Junior
Ryan, a Grade 7 student at St. Rose of Lima, was featured in the show Chef’s Corner, when he resided in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong film company (Now TV) visited the school on April 9th to film a follow-up show on him. 
When he was living in Hong Kong, Ryan joined the program called "Chef Corner Junior" season 1 in year 2011-2012 which was organized by Hong Kong Now TV station, when he was in Hong Kong at that time. He was not the best contestant at the beginning. However with his effort and extraordinary performance during the finale, he dramatically won the first champion of the series out of four final contestants, including one girl from Holland and two Hong Kong teenagers.
In season 2, in one of the segments of the show, he became one of the sophomores by demonstrating different cooking skills to the audience.
In 2013, season 3 of the show, he hosted one segment by himself which he traveled to Switzerland to study hotel management in one of the institutes there.
Since he has drawn much attention from their Hong Kong audience, they have decided to make a show about his life in Toronto, which is now his new home.
His classmates were invited to participate in the taping.

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