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In partnership with families, the parish and the community, our Catholic education system is 
directed at developing the full spiritual, physical, academic, cognitive, social and emotional 
well being of each student.  Through their learning experiences, students develop a sense of 
self-worth and dignity as members of the people of God and are able to make a useful 
contribution in a complex and changing society. 
Inherent in these beliefs is the recognition that all students, regardless of exceptionality, are 
entitled to education in the most enabling environment. The exceptional student is a unique 
child of God and has a right to be part of the mainstream of education, to the extent to which 
it is practical and beneficial. 
In order to provide an education in the most enabling environment, TCDSB advocates the 
principle of integration as part of a range of services/programs which includes modification of 
the regular class program, withdrawal and congregated placement, itinerant services and 
alternative curriculum where required. 
Inclusion of the special needs student in our schools can be summed up: "We invite you to 
become active participants in the process of Catholic Education. We urge you to bring your 
energy, enthusiasm and generosity to the task of building a Catholic community within your 
school and to shaping the vision of Catholic education." 
The Moment of Promise (p. 22).

For more information regarding the TCDSB Special Education Plan click here​.

You can also access the online Ontario Ministry of Education Special Education resource page for parents by clicking here​.

Here are some helpful resources for you to use in support of your children's 
learning. Simply click the images and go!