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Sts. Cosmas and Damian Athletics!  Go Eagles!


At Sts. Cosmas and Damian we are actively engaged in all sports that are made available through the TCDSB (i.e., Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, Track & Field, Softball, etc.)  Students improve upon their cardiovascular endurance, their strength and speed, along with their balance and coordination.  They also learn how to cooperate as a team, and the value of sportsmanship in sports.  Our latest tournament victories came in 2011 when the girls Intermediate Softball team captured first place in the divisional tournament, and most recently in 2012, when the girls Intermediate Softball team won the city championship!

        2010-2011 Intermediate Girls Softball Champions!                                      2011-2012 Cross Country Participants
     2011-2012 Intermediate Girls Volleyballl Team                                      2011-2012 Intermediate Girls Basketball Team

            2011-2012 Intermediate Boys Basketball Team                                     2011-2012 Intermediate Boys Softball Team  


IMG_0896.jpg                        IMG_1155[1].jpg

2011-2012 Intermediate Girls Softball City Champions!!!!!                                       2012-2013 Ultimate Frisbee Girls Champions!!!!!




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