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Sts. Cosmas & Damian's Eco-Squad - Committed to Environmental Preservation!
Earth Day is on Monday April 22, 2013. To honour this day, Sts. Cosmas and Damian will be participating in a series of Earth Week events. Please see attached pdf for Earth week activities!
Thank you to all the students who helped clean up our school yard!
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A certified Ontario Eco-School, the Sts. Cosmas & Damian Eco-Squad is led by Ms. Hudolin and Ms. Piroli-Smith.
Together with eco-ambassadors from each class, the teachers and students in this club have affected change and raised eco-awareness by engaging the entire school in exciting and meaningful activities. 
The Eco-Squad encourages students and staff to be committed to the following eco-friendly practices:
  • daily litterless lunches  
  • energy saving habits - turning off lights and electronics when possible
  • recycling milk bags for our 'got milk bags?' program
  • pop tab collection
  • reducing water consumption
  • participation in weekly eco-trivia 
  • Kool-Aid jammer recycling
  • bottled-water free days

 Here are some upcoming events being led by the Eco-Squad:


  • Visit from Ontario Eco-Schools - late May, 2012
  • Eco-Ambassadors are challenged to create eco-logos for our annual 'Eco-Logo Competition' - winning eco-logo will have their logo on our website and will win an eco-friendly prize! 
  • Winner of Eco-trivia challenge for the 2011-2012 school year to be announced in early June - pizza party for winning class!

Here is a great link to Earth Day Canada's website, be sure to click on it to get great energy saving advice and to find interactive and meaningful activities and games for the kids to enjoy! 

Kids will really enjoy playing games and reading some incredibly helpful tips and facts on 'green planet for kids', click on this link:

The Eco-Squad is always looking for new ideas and ways to promote eco-awareness.  Please feel free to submit ideas to any of the lead teachers. 

Thank you for making our environment a top priority in our school and in your homes - every little effort counts!