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Principal's Message


We are hoping that the following insert will provide an accurate representation of the many successes that our students experience at St. Sebastian. 


As witnessed at our final Awards Assembly, held on the last day of school, St. Sebastian students excelled in a wide range of activities which required time commitment, devotion and overall hard work.  This work was completed above and beyond the regular school work requirements that students needed to fulfill.  Let us list some of these accomplishments:


Putting our faith into action:

Terry Fox walk, attendance at the Me to We conference and associated Ecuador Water Project fundraising, recognizing the role of Canadians in peacekeeping and respecting our fallen veterans on Remembrance Day, Good Shepherd food drive, contribution to the Haiti earthquake relief fund, preparation for First Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation, City of Toronto park clean-up, understanding Earth Hour and learning how to decrease our ecological footprint, participation in our monthly school masses, fundraising during our annual Dance-a-thon to support various CSAC initiatives, students continued the Reading Buddy initiative (between grade 8 and grade 1 students), and finally, magazine and chocolate fundraising occurred to support our library and overnight excursion respectively.


Academic Accomplishments:

Annual Book Fair, EQAO (grade 3 and grade 6), CAT-4 (grade 2, 5 and 7), grade 4 standardized testing, Great Canadian Geography Challenge (grade 4 to 8), W5H competition, annual Portuguese Essay Contest, Working Women tutoring, receiving our second Garfield Weston Award, and Scientist in Schools program.

Sports Tournaments and House League

Soccer, indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, ball hockey, cross country, track and field, softball, and play day.



Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, annual Drama Production, Eric Walters’ presentation, Snow White anti-bullying presentation, choir performances (at church and at our Board’s Music Festival), Intermediate Band performances culminating with a performance at Canada’s Wonderland.


All of these extra-curricular feats were accomplished because of student interest and talents combined with teacher and parent support.  We must give special thanks to our teachers for providing our students these great opportunities, as well as to CSAC for their financial support of many of the activities listed above.

Finally, I would like to thank our community members for supporting our newest initiative, the Morning Meal snack program.