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School's Fifth Pennant Delivered Home by Boys' Volleyball

On Tuesday, April 9th, the Junior Boys' Volleyball team went to their tournament at St. Luke's.  The boys played hard and despite trailing at times and a few close calls, at the end of the round robin games they were undefeated and in 1st place which advanced them to the semi-finals.  In the semi-finals, they played St. Luke's and took both matches and advanced to the finals.  In the finals, they played a very strong St. Anthony's team but in the end the boys once again were undefeated and came in first.  The boys are to be congratulated on their very well deserved victory and also on the excellent way in which they represented St. Sebastian Catholic School, always demonstrating great sportsmanship and team unity.  Mrs. Taylor (head coach) and the rest of the community would like to congratulate the following team members:

Matthew De Sa

Shawn Nogueira

Lucas Teixeira

Nicholas Maio

Mosaiah Son

Vinish Rajakumar

Leonardo Da Silva

Vince Rossi

Jason Pinto

Christian Antonio

Nathan Pires

 Mrs. Taylor would also like to thank Joshua Maio and Nicholas Nogueira for helping out with the after-school practices, as well as those grade 7 and 8 students who came out at lunch to play against the boys.