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Assessment And Testing 

Each child’s progress is assessed primarily on the basis of daily work, projects, group work, testing and student participation. New official report cards are issued twice a year in February and June with an  Progress Report in November. This is filed with the report card in the student’s OSR.

The staff of St. Simon attempts to keep parents/ guardians informed of student’s achievements as well as areas of concern. This can be achieved through report cards, personal interviews, telephone calls, class newsletters, portfolios, rubrics and other home-school communications. Only by working together can we provide the best support system for each child in our care.
Homework consists of relevant learning experiences that are related to the Ontario school curriculum. A well-designed homework program should:
• Meet the developmental and individual needs of the student.
• Reinforce and extend school experiences.
• Assist students in assuming responsibility for their own learning development.
• Develop positive attitudes towards independent study and life-long learning.
• Encourage the development of self-discipline, good work habits, and time management skills.
• Enable parents to become involved and to participate in their child’s learning.
• Enable regular and on-going communication between teachers, parents and students.
• Assist students in preparing for subsequent learning activities.
Suggested homework time guidelines – 5 to 10 minutes per grade level most nights:
Grade 1 – 5 to 10 min.      Grade 5 – 25 to 50 min.
Grade 2 – 10 to 20 min.    Grade 6 – 30 to 60 min.
Grade 3 – 15 to 30 min.    Grade 7 – 35 to 70 min.
Grade 4 – 20 to 40 min.    Grade 8 – 40 to 80 min
If there are occasions when a child is not able to complete homework, please advise the teacher using a note or your child’s agenda.



EQAO Grade 3 And Grade 6 Results


This brochure will help you understand the two EQAO tests Ontario students write in elementary school and how you can use the results to support your child.

Students across Ontario write province-wide assessments of their reading, writing and math skills at key stages in their elementary and secondary school education.

EQAO Parent Guide - Elementary School