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Code Of Conduct
School Code of Behaviour/Conduct
Come to school prepared
• Arrive on time.  Students are expected to be in the schoolyard before bell time, to enter the school with their classmates through their designated door.
• All materials are to be on hand.  Pencils, books and other materials needed to complete lessons effectively are to be on hand.  Homework is to be completed on time.  It is the duty of the students to begin to develop independence and a sense of responsibility in this matter.
Dress appropriately for school
• Proper attire must be worn at all times.  All students are expected to attend school appropriately dressed for appearance in a Catholic School environment.  In warm weather months walking shorts may be worn at school.  No “short shorts” (grades 4-8), “muscle shirts, cropped tops, or T-shirts with inappropriate slogans or graphics will be permitted.
Be Respectful to all staff members, visiting teachers, parents, visitors to the school, bus drivers and each another
• Treat others, as you would like to be treated.   Students are expected to be polite and respectful at all times. Swearing or abusive, profane, racial, discriminatory, rude or threatening language is not acceptable.
• Students are responsible to the principal for their behaviour on their way to and from the school.  Safe, well-mannered and responsible behaviour is expected at all times.  We have a “good neighbour” policy which we try to uphold. 
• School bus drivers are responsible for the safety of the children.  Children are expected to follow their instructions to ensure the safety of all who ride the bus.
Play safely and co-operatively at all times
• Treat others, as you would like to be treated. Intimidation, bullying, threats or aggression will not be tolerated and could result in suspension from school.
• Violence of any kind will not be tolerated at St. Simon School.  This includes both verbal and physical violence such as swearing, kicking and hitting.  Fighting, including “play fighting” is unacceptable at any time for any reason.  Rough games or contact sports including body checking or tackle are not acceptable
• Snowballs are prohibited under any circumstances.
• Hockey sticks, baseball bats, racquets, hardballs/softballs, skateboards, roller blades, bicycles and any other equipment deemed by the principal to be a safety hazard will not be allowed.
• Bicycles must be walked while on school premises in compliance with school board policy.  We cannot take responsibility for bicycles brought to school.
Respect school property 
• All students are expected to take care of the school property and of materials provided by the school including notebooks, pens, pencils and textbooks.  Recovery costs may be charged for lost or damaged textbooks or library materials.
• Do not litter. Be respectful of the school environment.

The main purpose of discipline is to have students change behaviour that is contrary to the Code of Conduct. Because discipline is a matter of learning, at St. Simon, consequences will be determined and applied after carefully considering each child, the circumstances, and the nature of the misconduct.
Possible consequences are:
• discussion/verbal reminders of responsibilities and possible consequences
• assignment of appropriate tasks
• community service to the school
• temporary removal from class or school
• detentions; reflection papers; behaviour contracts; use of daily conduct sheets
• written or verbal communication and/or meeting with parents
• exclusion from optional activities
• withdrawal of privileges
• requirement to pay for damage or loss
• referral to principal and/or school Social Worker
• suspension or expulsion as per TCDSB policy
• involvement of police and/or other agencies
• recommendation for Home instruction
Daily punctual attendance at school is not only required by Ontario Law, but is also essential for success at school and for the establishment of good work habits. Students who are late or absent will receive a telephone call, if we have not heard from you, as to the reason for their lateness or absence.

Students arriving after the bell will be required to obtain a late slip at the office. A letter will be sent home and filed in the student’s OSR for those with numerous lates. Habitual lateness will be referred to the school Social Worker.  
Completing work missed during the periods of absence promotes a sense of belonging and responsibility and should be a high priority of each student. Students absent due to extended vacation will be marked absent.
 If it is necessary for a student to leave school early, they require a note signed by a parent or guardian.
Students are encouraged to go home for lunch if possible. All students who stay for lunch on a regular basis must stay on school property.  No student will be allowed to leave the premises for any reason including to purchase their lunches.  If a child forgets a lunch we will contact the parents to bring a lunch. The safety of all students is our primary concern. Our lunchtime supervisor and teachers will supervise students, who remain at school. They are expected to:
• bring and eat a nutritious lunch in their designated classrooms; bring any unwanted food home, not throw it in the garbage
• remain seated while eating and talk quietly
• tidy up and recycle
• play outside in their designated school yard for the rest of the lunch hour