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Principal's Message
Message from the staff of St Simon…
It is my privilege to represent St. Simon Catholic School and Community. I look forward to a partnership with our parents and parish community; a partnership that has led to successful events and celebrations in the past. It is only with these three essential elements in our students lives working together that will guarantee success for our students. In the following pages you will find the St. Simon Code of Conduct, as well as the School Manual, which serves as a general reference section for school procedures. We will be discussing this behavior code in class and we encourage parents/guardians to read this Behavior Code with your child. This also includes important dates for the coming year.
Developing the literacy and numeracy skills of our students is the focus of our programs. However, one cannot attain skills in isolation. I believe that we are part of a learning community that must provide a safe and secure environment and foster character attributes, such as respect and responsibility while improving student achievement. My role is to support teachers as they create activities that enhance children's learning. This support varies, and keeps my job interesting.
Each day brings new challenges and opportunities for all of us, and together we become better for these experiences. Welcoming and supporting parents to take an active role in their child's learning is a key role of a school administrator. I welcome parent contacts and endeavor to make your child's years at St. Simon  successful.
May God Bless you always and forever

 We urge you to bring your energy, enthusiasm and generosity to the task of building a Catholic community within your school and to shaping the vision of Catholic education.

Whatever your age, you are not too young to assume responsibility with and for your fellow students.

How you are with one another now will significantly influence how you will be with others as adults.
Take up the challenge of growing into a sense of who you are as Christians so that you can develop the talents you have been given and bring the best of yourself to the society in which you will be living."

This Moment of Promise
(Pastoral Letter - Catholic Education in Ontario, 1989)

In a school community formed by Catholic Beliefs and traditions, our Mission is to educate students to their full potential by providing:

• leadership in the shared responsibility for education that exists among the school, the student, the family, the parish and the community;
• a safe and welcoming learning environment that is an example of Christian community;
• role models of Gospel Values and catholic doctrines, teaching and beliefs;
• guidance in what students need to learn;
• instruction in the learning process itself;
• religious, academic and technical instruction
• integration of Catholic, Christian beliefs into the total learning experience, and
• feedback on the students' proficiency and progress.
Vision of Our Students
We envision students who:
• are formed in the Catholic faith;
• apply Christian values to life's opportunities, challenges and choices;
• display self-esteem and self-respect;
• strive to be the best they can be;
• demonstrate skills for nurturing a healthy family life;
• demonstrate global perspective and community responsibility; and
• demonstrate relevant knowledge and ability.

Everyone has a Shared Responsibility
Everyone at St. Simon is a member of a family where Catholic values, safety, respect, self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation and courtesy are practice