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School History And Tradition
St. Simon Catholic School is committed to Catholic education as outlined in the Mission Statement of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Our students come to us with a variety of strengths and needs, with our Catholic faith as our common bond. Our prayer life, liturgical celebrations, the sacraments, and our faith and values system form the foundation of our school. We strive to build a welcoming school community by fostering the bonds of home, school and parish. St. Simon is part of the St. Jude parish.
Our school was named for St. Simon the Apostle, who was one of the 12 apostles chosen by Jesus, our Saviour. According to Scripture, Simon the Apostle preached in various parts of the near east. He was put to death because of his commitment to Christianity. In art form, Simon is often shown with a book, referring to his devotion for the law. The feast day is associated with St. Jude, celebrated on October 28.
In 1975, St. Simon School consisted of six portables in St. Jude Catholic School's schoolyard. In the spring of 1976 the students occupied a relocatable school at our present site. In 1978 the present site was acquired and a building of unique architectural design with multi-levels was erected.
In October 2003, we celebrated our 25th Anniversary. Many former students, staff and parents attended and shared memories of their time at St. Simon. This was a tribute to the strong community ties that St. Simon has enjoyed and developed during its proud history.