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Safety Information
Excursions or field trips form an integral part of the educational program in the school. They provide an excellent opportunity to reinforce what is taught by expanding the students’ programs to the world beyond the classroom. Teachers and schools must follow specific procedures and guidelines depending on the nature of the excursion. Each teacher sends home an explanatory note concerning the details of the trip as well as a parent/ guardian permission form, which must be returned, signed if the student is to participate. Our policy at St. Simon is that no student shall be denied a field trip because of financial constraints. If this should be the case, please call the office to make alternate financial arrangements.
Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC)
 The St. Simon Catholic School Advisory Council is very active and supportive of school events. The CSAC plays a vital role in the school community. We encourage all parents and community members to become involved in our children’s education. Our CSAC meets regularly throughout the year. Child care can be provided. Meetings are from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
• Parents/guardians will be notified if their child becomes sick or seriously injured at school
• It is essential that home, work and emergency numbers be up to date and on file at the office.
• Minor injuries will be dealt with by staff
• Serious injuries may result in transportation to the hospital, by car or ambulance, if parents/guardians cannot be notified.
Children should participate fully in the school program, including outdoor recess and physical education. A recess break in the fresh air is vital and will not worsen a mild cold, if the child is dressed properly. There is no ongoing provision for safe, indoor supervision during recesses.
• If a cold or illness is serious, the child should stay at home.
• All students are kept indoors in the event of severe weather conditions.
• If a child is required to take medication at school, parents/guardians must ensure that the proper medical documentation is completed and submitted to the office.
• Any child requiring special medical attention due to severe allergies will have his/her picture posted in the office along with any required medication and instructions.
• All students with a medical concern must have a completed medical history form, outlining allergic reactions and specific medical conditions, filed with the child’s Ontario Student Record in the office.


Children should feel safe in our school. To this end, we have launched our Anaphylaxis Protocol. See below:
For other information on safety and the TCDSB Safe Schools procedures, click on the link below:
Community Safety Information
Below is the link to the Toronto Police website where parents can download community news releases and crime advisory reports as well as very useful community safety information and statistics.