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Learning with Real World Applications


Planning a trip to Florida? Gr. 7 offer some help


 Gr. 7 math with rates and ratios


Classroom Homework Links 


Mr. Vago Gr. 8


Ms. Pedace Gr. 3/4


Mr. Ricci Gr. 6


Mr. Di Croce Gr. 7


Ms. Bucci Gr. 7/8


Ms. Di Pietro Phys. Ed.











Support your child's mathematics development with Khan Academy for online video tutorials in any math strand ​​ 

or the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is another great resource for supporting mathematics

Develop your child's creativity and presentation skills with  Go beyond a typical paper-based project for any subject using a combination of text, images and video.  Your child's oral/visual projects will zoom!

Suggested summer reading list:

click file below to view book suggestions:

 Suggested Summer reading list for.pdfSuggested Summer reading list for.pdf

Any information (accomodations, directions, video etc.) about the school's excursion to TEEN RANCH can be found at Ricci