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Toronto Catholic District School Board

First Day at New St. Simon Catholic School


On Monday, March 19 staff and students arrived for their first official day at their brand new school.
The new school has a capacity of 542 pupils to accommodate growth in the area and to replace the old school at 20 Wallasey Avenue that was built in 1977 with a capacity of only 243 students and 6 portables on a very small site with no playing field. The new school features an enlarged and updated Gymnasium, Library and Multi-Program facilities and shared access with the City of Toronto to a large playing field.
Acting Associate Director of Planning, Facilities and Stewardship, Maia Puccetti and Superintendent Flora Cifelli were at the school handing out TCDSB pencils to students as they arrived in the morning, wishing them well on their first day in their new school.



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