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Principal's Message

Jesus teaches us that his greatest commandments are to “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind… [and to] love your neighbour as yourself’” (Matthew 22:36, NIV).  At St. Stephen Catholic School we believe that God has called us to address the whole person through programs which offer strong academics, varied extracurricular options, and intentional spiritual nurturing. This is the kind of education that can change OUR STUDENTS—and then change the WORLD through them.

Our staff members are dedicated to striving for excellence, as they guide our students, from Full Day Early Learning to Grade 8, to not only achieve the expectations as outlined in the Ontario Curriculum, but to also guide them in their faith journey.


We, at St. Stephen Catholic School, are blessed by the many gifts of our talented students. Their spirit is apparent as our students participate in liturgical celebrations, works of charity and co-curricular activities. We are proud of their efforts as they work to achieve the Ministry expectations, and model the Image of Jesus. Our students are offered many opportunities to grow as a Catholic school community through particpation in sports teams and activiites, chess club, W5H, Student Leadership Programs such as Me to We, food drives, office helpers, door monitors and leading our opening morning prayers. Our students demonstrate the call to service through their many acts of kindness and showing their genuine concern for others.


Our parents generously give up their time to our school community throughout the year. This is evident through their active participation on Catholic School Advisory Council, organization and facilitation of our Special Lunch Days, coordinating community events, supporting our Scientists in the School program and Grade 8 graduation. Our parents assist on class excursions, volunteer as classroom helpers, and are an integral part of our fundraisers. They make a positive difference in the lives of our students and our learning community.


Our school has close ties with our local parish St. Benedict Catholic Church.   Father Pace, Ms. A. Pace and Brother Bernie along with the other parish priests offer spiritual guidance and direction to our students.  


At St. Stephen Catholic School, we strive for academic, spiritual, and social growth, as we work together as a Catholic school community.