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School History And Tradition

St. Stephen Catholic School opened in September 1961. Presently we are serving a multicultural community from junior kindergarten through to grade 8. Almost 60 per cent of our students speak a language other than English at home. The multicultural nature of the school is reflected in after-school programs in Arabic, Caldean, Croatian, Italian, Polish and Twi.

Central to the curriculum of St. Stephen Catholic School is the development and nurturing of our Catholic faith. The school has established a close working relationship with the pastoral team of St. Benedict Catholic church. Father Gerald Breen (now Msgr. Breen), St. Benedict's first pastor in 1951, created an atmosphere that emphasized the importance of dialogue among home, school and parish. This tradition continues through the pastoral leadership of the Salesian Order.

Our school patron, Saint Stephen, was the first Christian martyr. His was a story of preaching the good news. So strong was his witness, the authorities of the day had him stoned to death. His feast is celebrated on December 26. Our students are encouraged to act out their Christian witness in their everyday relationships.