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School History and Tradition
St. Sylvester Catholic School was officially opened in 1975. On September 7, 1976, Richard McIsaac, the first principal, opened the school doors to 114 students and a staff of nine teachers. These were organized into six regular classes, all of which were split grades. Over the past 30 years we continue to service just under 200 students a year and have graduated exemplary individuals that will succeed in the future. 
Over the years many positive traditions and practices have developed through the influence and direction of staff, parents, students and our pastor. Our school focuses on the academic, spiritual, emotional and physical development of each child that we service. We provide a variety of team sports for students to participate in and engage in spirit building activities. The school community celebrates monthly Virtues that provide exemplars of our faith. Regular school liturgies, school masses and visits from our pastor, help deepen our Catholic faith which is shared by students, staff and parents. In the 2009/2010 school year a Student Nutritious Snack Program was initiated to promote lifelong healthy eating habits. 
Our patron saint, Sylvester, lived in Italy in the 1100s and was a learned man who devoted his life to God. He is regarded as a wise and strong man who ruled well as a Pope. Late in life he established a new order of Benedictine monks and served as their abbot for several years. His feast day is December 31st.