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There are many different ways that being an Effective Communicator can lead to success at school and beyond. Consider how effective communication can help you in the following ways

  • solving conflicts with others
  • having conversations with parents, grandparents and other adults
  • expressing your opinion on important topics whether it be verbally or in written form

Effective Communicators are needed in the work force whether it be as a Doctor, Lawyer, Store clerk , Teacher, Cashier, Nurse, Chef, Auto Mechanic, Plumber, the list goes on.


Here are some of the ways we are trying to develop Effective Communicators at St. Sylvester


  • Helping students answer the Big Idea
  • Involving all students in our Second annual Public Speaking Contest (this will take place in the new year)
  • Encouraging our students to understand that expressing thanks and expressing our emotions in a clear way both help us reach the goal of being effective communicators

Feel free to share YOUR ideas on what we need to add to this page


Here's what we added in our January Newsletter about Effective Communicators



The reasons for being an effective communicator are so clear—students who are able to express themselves, in writing and through speaking are more easily able to get important messages across to others. It can start with some simple suggestions below that can never be reinforced enough

¨ s      Say good morning to people when you see them and address them by name (Encourage your child to say this good morning to the bus driver, their classroom teacher, family friends and relatives)

¨ T    Thank yous are equally important. Someone does something for you and an effective communicator finds a way to say thank you.

¨ T      The way we speak to others does matter. Don’t give up when it doesn’t happen right away with your children. Staying the course will make the difference to creating effective communicators.