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The Math Curse is not really a curse (it's a book!). But the message is true....Math is EVERYWHERE!. Come back and visit this page a few more times and we hope to show you some of the places we're finding Math .... outside of the classroom walls. Yep, it's true, Beyond the Classroom is where Ms. Ironside's Gr. 2/3 class found math. And it all started with some deep, DEEP snowbanks!



Here's our measurement sheet:


snow measurement sheet.pdfsnow measurement sheet.pdf


And some more pictures to show our journey.



Where would you want to play?

Yikes! We lost our meter stick because the snow is soooo deep!

In preparation for our Family of Schools Math Learing Network at Mary Ward, I was noticing math everywhere on a drive to school recently. Here's just the start of my list. You might not see the math in each idea but with thought, I'm willing to bet you'll find something.



Traffic light time
Speed limit
Number of Cars  on road
Pacific mall area and perimeter
Gas prices and budgeting
Apartments - number of people living in them compared to houses (and population density)
Snow mass
Melt rate
Price of lunch
Nutrition program
Height of trees and number of leaves
Our Family of Schools Math journey is following the ideas below