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We have tried to make the Indigneous Land Acknowldgment more meaningful for our students this year by trying to talk about each point on a daily basis. A key part has been the Dish with One Spoon Covenant. Thanks to Que Rock (an Indigenous artist)  for helping to show this idea on our latest outdoor mural. We were equally fortunate to have Que Rock speak to our students the following day over our zoom online announcements. Words can not properly express how grateful our community was to have Que Rock speak to us. For now, a simple Cha Migweetch. And more pictures below along with a blog post covering some of Que's inspirational talk to our students.​ 

mural 1.jpg
mural 2.jpg

mural 3.jpg

mural 4.jpg
mural 5.jpg

mural detail.jpg

mural letters 1.jpg

mural m final.jpg

mural complete m.jpg

que rock.png