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Experience #3 has begun. We're taking a look at advertising and how we are impacted by it in our daily lives.


Day 1 included a chance to hear from Chris Doyle (CFO) of Cieslok about how the operations budget works. We also began to plan out our ads and took some time to Sketch as well.


Day 1 padlet thoughts are below. 


Day 2 - We had a great day or learning both inside and outside.


We started by getting off the bus at Yonge and College and walking down Yonge St. to Dundas square. En route we passed the three HUGE Cieslok outdoor digital boards.


Once at the eaton centre, we sketched before we took the PATH to partially avoid the torrential rains. Once we surfaced at Yonge and King, we had a few more quick learning experiences before we ended up at Cieslok Media for our INSIDE experiences. A talk from Mike on mobile technology followed by a talk from Ali on Marketing.


You can see some of our thoughts on the two padlets below 



Here are two samples of a possible learning log that you can do




 “We need  a sizzle reel for our school….70% of our time is spent outside the home….brands are designed for you to build an emotional connection…..Mr. Fernandes! Slow down!!!!.....Is there wifi in here?.....Johann, sit down!.....Why is there an orange chicken ad on my phone?….Look at the fountain….Those digital boards are massive!” Just a few of the lines heard in the last two days at our Beyond the Classroom Cieslok Experience.

It’s amazing how much learning there is out there when you stop to take the time to look, observe and listen. Our time at Cieslok media has been an excellent Beyond the Classroom experience. Our world of life life long learning is in full swing. 
Day 1 was an intro to the principles of advertising as Cieslok sees them. Create, Captivate and Connect is their mission statement and we were able to see their Sizzle real that aims to get companies to advertise through Cieslok. It worked on us. We’re trying to figure out how to get them to do one for St. Sylvester! We also learned how they plan their operations budget. What do you think the most money would be spent on during the day to day operations? To my mind, it would be employee salary. I was wrong. Chris Doyle the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)  broke it down for us in a perfect to follow graphic. Of every $100 that comes in, $35 goes to leasing the spaces for their ads, $16 goes to Employee salaries, $15 goes to operations cost, $1 goes to marketing, and $33 to profit. Not sure if this is how every company is set up but one of our research pieces is to definitely find out how much various companies spend on their advertising budgets. Some neat stats out there– go check out Apple’s Advertising budget in 2004 vs 2016
Other figures that jumped out at us on day 1:  $31 200 000 is the amount of revenue that Cieslok brings in from their ads as the 4th largest OOH firm. And what does OOH stand for you ask? More new learning Out of home advertising. Makes sense right? Ads that you see on tv, or read in magazines or hear on the radio are generally when you’re in your home, office, car, etc. Out of home is becoming more and more prevalent for two big reasons
1.     We spend 70% of our time out of the home according to Cieslok (not me, I’m with my dog!)
2.     Many people have started to live their lives on their smart phones (that’s a topic for day 2).
Our Day 1 included time to sketch at a busy street corner where we noticed different billboard ads that were up and the message of the day was simplicity. Simple, clear and concise ads leave their mark.
On our return to school, we knew so much new learning had taken place that we had to find a way to capture it -  the padlet was the solution. Students were asked to consider the three whats (credit to the Ministry of Education for that idea. ). What (new learning has taken place)? So What (Why is the new learning important?). Now what (How will you use the new learning as you move forward or what do you want to learn next on this topic?). 
Day 2 began with a quick curve ball. Pouring rain, freezing rain and cancelled buses. Uh oh… Not to worry though, we managed to get a school bus to take us downtown and before you knew it we were right in the midst of Downtown Toronto. Yonge and College to be exact. That’s when we looked up….way up. It wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t a plane. It wasn’t even Super Ms. Stoner! It was the huge, make that massive, make that monstrous (in a good way) Cieslok Digital boards. We saw three different locations. Yonge and Gerrard, Yonge and Edward St and Yonge and Dundas Square. They were impressive and gave us a sense of what OOH is all about. Dundas Square is clearly Toronto’s version of Times Square and Cieslok has cornered some prime space. We spent some time sketching and journaling in the Eaton centre to avoid the pouring rain and then took the PATH system to manage an indoor route to Yonge and King (again the aforementioned rain). A few stops on the way to see the spurting fountain, some lit up trees (Mrs. Stoner made me stop for that) and a quick pop into St. James Cathedral which got another beyond the classroom idea in motion.
We arrived at Cieslok hungry (this time for food, not just for knowledge). Like true business professionals we had a working lunch while learning from Mike who talked to us about the future of media and mobile technology. We were fascinated to hear about how companies are taking part in programmatic buying on a supply side platform to get our dollar. Translation? There’s literally a frenzy of activity that is taking place every time you open up a website or app on your phone. Companies are bidding for their ad to capture your attention and the winner takes all….your partially undivided attention.  Apparently there are 5000 apps opened in Canada per second so that’s how may bids the computer is processing.  A rant on the amount of time people spend on their cell phones another day! Mobile phone ads are definitely the wave of the future in large part because of the personalization that takes place. As Mike told us it’s all about Brands and finding ways to build an emotional connection with the consumer. 
Ali followed up Mike’s talk with some great info on marketing and how best to make an effective creative. Students were able to learn key strategies like 7 words or less for a print ad, and finding the way to bring ads to life. For those with time, we highly recommend you check out Cieslok’s Text and Drive Campaign – a public service announcement billboard that got people thinking about why a funeral home would encourage you to text and drive ; or the Snowden project that took over Yonge Dundas Square and was able to project people walking though up on their digital board – how cool is that?
We’re two days in and the learning has been significant. Students have been given time to journal, sketch, learn about the advertising business and reflect on their learning while applying the new knowledge to their own creations of a digital, print, radio or tv ad. One day of learning is left and we’re looking forward to it. In my own mind, this experience has already been a success. I close with an excerpt from my journal yesterday. It was written while sitting in the Cieslok Board room floor.
“I really like being out at different  places finding ways to learn – new ways to learn. There is so much authenticity in coming to an organization and immersing yourself in the work they are doing. This is what Beyond the Classroom is all About. We could definitely have done our advertising unit at school but how much more effective is it when we come to the actual organization.”
Start working on that Sizzle reel Ethan; Erika, get the music soundtrack started and Johann….SIT DOWN on the bus! 
Beyond the Classroom makes learning experiential, and it makes learning come alive. I can’t wait to see what we’re going to learn next.
Day 3 included sharing our learning logs, a look at Austin's Butterfly as a precursor for how to effectively critique others' work and a presentation from Dan's team on the logistics of putting up both  static and digital ads.
Students are now in the process of completing their final artifacts (a radio, print of t.v ad along with their learning log and ad analysis).
We will aim to put a few samples on once done.
In the world of data, we've included some survey results for those so interested in how students viewed their learning journey.
Those still reading must be dedicated learners.
Here's our overall cieslok plan and our pre test and math qustions
Final products of student ads are below
More to be added in the upcoming days and weeks.
magazine ads
hersheys ad.JPG



tv ads
 radio ad
Our summary letter for parents
Parent reflections  from cieslok