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Our Food and Nutrition experience has begun.


Day 1 was a trip to Boston Pizza to learn about how the kitchen works in a restaurant. We also were able to speak to the manager about restaurant budgets and learned some interesting facts. I won't spoil it for you, but encourage you read the padlet to find out what our students learned.


The day also included time to start planning a one day menu for our nutrition program. Students were able to price items out at two different grocery stores and we're hoping to meet the Manager at Metro soon to hear about how grocery stores source their fruits and vegetables and what goes into running a grocery store.


Math exemplars from Day 1 are below


Math nutrition day 1 exemplars.pdfMath nutrition day 1 exemplars.pdf


Day 2


Our day included time at George  Brown Culinary school.


Some  samples  of student  learning  logs  are below.


learning logs George Brown.pdflearning logs George Brown.pdf


Visual learning  log


george brown visual learning log.JPG

We also  visited  the Bulk Barn to  learn about their eco container  program.


beyond the class  bulk barn.JPG



 Math exemplars from Day 2

 Some examples of our planning menus for our snacks are below. Lots of planning makes close to perfection.


We first planned our menu and budgeted accordingly. We had $20 to work with  for a snack for  a class of  20-29 students.


Once we shopped at No Frills we completed a revised budget of our menus.


nutrition menu 1.pdfnutrition menu 1.pdf


nutrition menu 2.pdfnutrition menu 2.pdf

nutrition menu 3.pdfnutrition menu 3.pdf


nutrition no  frills1.jpg


nutrition no  frills2.jpg

The final day of the unit was time to create. While we're not quite in George Brown Territory, there were some impressive snacks put together.


While we can't have you taste our creations, let your mouth water with some pictures below.





IMG_0584 (2).JPG

IMG_0587 (2).JPG