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Beyond the Classroom Experience #4 has just begun.


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There is planning and then there’s planning. Beyond the Classroom has definitely involved a lot of that planning and we’ve been thrilled to work with all the organizations we have so far. Sick Kids?  Well clearly they were a little excited to be involved. Our planning with them started back in May 2016. The time was certainly worth the effort.


Day 1 was a chance to learn about the past of sick kids and be amazed by a whole lot of stats.For instance, did you know that Sick Kids first opened in 1875 in a rented house with one doctor?  Compare that to close to 15 000 employees today. The more our time at Sick Kids progressed, the more my mind kept wandering towards and exploding over the absolutely phenomenal changes that have occurred over time. I wonder what that first doctor in 1875 would think of the way medicine is practised today!


Each of our beyond the classroom experiences has had a key element. The Zoo was about digging deeper and analysis. The Government was about perspective. Cieslok was about quality work and repeated drafts to achieve that level. Sick Kids? I think the focus needs to be on creative, reflective holistic thinking. With 2000 researchers currently on site, I can only imagine the myriad of cures currently being worked on (creative). It’s really impressive to consider the organization that is Sick Kids – from a humble beginning of one rented house to a current day budget of $790 million ($450 million) of which is from government funding. I found myself wondering if Sick Kids is funded more than other hospitals. It seems like such an incredible hospital that I wouldn’t mind if they WERE funded more. I wonder how other hospitals feel about this.


We learned the work force at sick kids has approximately 2000 researchers, 1800 nurses, and 700 doctors. That still leaves over 10 000 more jobs. What a phenomenal change from when they first opened. With time has come progress and that progress shows up in the level of care of sick kids. Obvious point – the more high quality professionals you have working for you, the better the quality of work at your organization will be.  And of course as time progresses, there will be more and more new jobs . Jobs  that we don’t even know are necessary right now (that’s something to stop and reflect on).
And the holistic part? Well that’s everything about Sick Kids. You feel it from the minute you walk in the doors.  You see it in the Sick Kids Vs Campaign - one of the most inpirational ads I've EVER seen!’s an aura around Sick Kids that makes you feel calm, safe, secure, and inspired. I know that’s not by chance. I know that’s also not all the time, but when an organization commits itself to achieving success with a theme of Healthier Kids = Better World, truly remarkable things can follow.



 Padlet # 1 is below


Day 2


Highlights - hearing about the many different jobs at Sick Kids - from Surgeons, to nurses, to AV workers, to cleaners, to Batman and the Hulk window washers, to the Certified Clowns.


Also the privilege of hearing from a former patient. Amanda is 24 and has had 24 surgeries. Her positive spirit was inspiring and that's all because of the work of the Sick Kids team. You're right Farah - teamwork makes a huge difference.


Visual Learning log good copy to follow (and remember i can't draw!)


Rough version for now.


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No credit to me for the one below. Joshua N's artistic and analytic genius.

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Padlet #2 is below


We also have our final artifact requirements here


Sick Kids Final artifact.pdfSick Kids Final artifact.pdf


A good website shared with us today


Day 3 was all about finance. Wow did we learn alot. Student  Learning  logs to follow.



Day 3 padlet is below 


Day 4 - An awesomely mindblowing  presentation on the future of health care; meeting a therapy dog and wrapping up  our  time with the  fantastic learning team at Sick  Kids





clara learning log sick kids day 4.pdfclara learning log sick kids day 4.pdf


Austin - Visual  learning log


Padlet #4


Student  Sketches


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Thanks parents for some  fantastic  feedback. Here are some of  the reflections.


parent reflections sick kids.pdfparent reflections sick kids.pdf