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Transportation unit has begun with a visit to Union station, the UP train to Pearson airport and then a meeting with West Jet


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Our first transportation padlet is below 


Day 2 was a visit to the Island Airport.


island 7.JPG


Our day included the fascination of taking the tunnel that was built to increase efficiency to the airport.


island 2.JPG


Working in the porter learing centre on our learning logs (lights out and the runaway outside the window - pretty cool!)


island 4.JPG

Posing for some pics.


island 5.JPG


And wondering how our bus got stuck on the island while we were back on the mainland - life is an experience!


island 6.JPG




Day 2 Padlet is asking  you to comment  on your learning  and  analyze. You should also aim to research  something  further  on your point. 


For example, if it was Day 1, I could write


I learned  that  Pearson has an operating  budget of  36 billion. This is the largest Beyond the Classroom operating  budget we've  heard  of  this  year. Sick Kids had a $790 Million  Budget.  I decided to research further about Pearson's budget and  I found online that Pearson has  revenue of over 1.1 billion  and expenses of over 1 billion. Their profit is 7 million. I am going to follow up with  Andrew at West Jet to get clarification  on the operating budget.



Time to start working  on our final artifact. Here's an example and template for you to use.


Transportation Inquiry Question template.pdfTransportation Inquiry Question template.pdf


Final artifact has been discussed and we demonstrated a program most students have not used before - Glogster.


Here's how to create your own account.


Go to this link


enter code 6GE9EC    Create a new student registration


Here are the expectations



Final Artifact – you may choose to complete on bristleboard, brochure or glogster. You need to include the following:


1.     An  initial wonder or  research  question  and explanation of why you chose that question.
2.     A  minimum of 5 pieces of new learning (and document WHERE you learned this from – website, book, primary source, etc)
3.     Analysis on each of your 5 new learning points. WHY did you choose to include these points and what’s interesting about them. Dig deep!
4.     Proof  of contact  with at  least one  primary source – email, audio record a phone call or skype session (ask permission of the person first)
5.     Visuals – pictures of your topic from the past, present and future (eg. Pearson in the 1900s, pearson now and your view of pearson in the future).  We will learn  how  to find archived pictures – maybe a visit  to  the  Toronto  Archives?
6.     One newspaper article or news report about your topic (you will need to print the  link out)