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Our  YPT work has begun and true to our destination, our final artifact is drama in motion. That's right, we're writing our own min play.  The topic?  Beyond the Classroom of Course. Stay tuned for information on our performance date where we hope to debut our work.


Our time at YPT is going  to include lots of expert advice  on script writing, play creation and a look at how  YPT runs its day to day operations.


Day 1 was a discussion with Nancy Webster on the mandate of YPT and lots of stats on the  budget. We're becoming  budget experts!


YPT Padlet for Day 1 


Padlet on responding  to others


Our script Draft 4 is here. Still a work in progress.


Beyond the Classroom Script draft 4.docxBeyond the Classroom Script draft 4.docx


Draft 5 below


draft 5 beyond the class.docxdraft 5 beyond the class.docx


Draft 6


draft 6 beyond the class.docxdraft 6 beyond the class.docx


Austin's Butterfly in Action. Draft 7(!) is below.


draft 7 beyond the class.docxdraft 7 beyond the class.docx


Beyond the Classroom Play Final.docxBeyond the Classroom Play Final.docx



We’re into day three at YPT and like every  beyond the classroom  experience, WOW has there been  diversity in  the learning  journey.

Day one  started with  my  one of  the themes  that has  woven  into every experience  we’ve had. It makes the world  go round  whether  we like  it  or  not  -  money, money, money!  It was  fascinating to  hear  about  how ypt  has  a budget of  $5 million (compare  that to  the $790 million at Sick Kids.)
Equally fascinating was learning about how they balance their budget. To my novice mind, the biggest chunk of that  money would  come from ticket sales. Nope. Government  funding? Wrong again. In  fact,  the biggest single contributor to the YPT budget? Charitable donations. Two million of their five  million actually comes from individual donations  and  large companies. 1 million comes from ticket sales. 1 million from government and the  remaining  1  million  from  a combination of  drama  school revenue, rental of  space, etc.    Goes to show yet again that every organization finds different  ways  to make their bottom line and also interesting to  note that every group we’ve been to  either  aims for  balanced budget (SickKids, YPT) , or  profit (Cieslok, Toronto  Zoo,  Boston Pizza) . Only the provincial government  and federal government  consciously have deficits in their budget, and that’s because everyone wants more from  the government  all the time!
This particular Beyond the Classroom experience has  been different in that  we do not have  individual final artifacts that students are working  towards like  their  government  presentations on an issue of importance, OR group collaborations like the nutritious snacks we fed the school at the end of our nutrition unit. This time the final artifact is a play that we are aiming  to present on education  night.  The  topic?  You guessed it -  Beyond  the Classroom!  So far we’ve cobbled together  a script from student  and educator input (on to Draft 6 as we speak). Set design is in motion as are  sound  effects and  music. If only we had someone to give us expert advice on  all parts. Oh yeah…..YOUNG  PEOPLE’S THEATRE!
To  this  point, we’ve had instruction  on what  makes a great story, how  to  warm up  and prepare to be on stage, and keys to delivering  your  lines with  impact – authentically feeling  your character in role is one key that was shared with  us by the  professional actors  we  were  able  to  speak to  at YPT.

Our experiences have also included the  chance to  sit in on a rehearsal for Munsch time which is  in the beginning  stages of practice. That  was  a fantastic and intimate experience that was followed by the chance  to see how  voice  overs are done for a play – but true to the  theme of  the  Beyond the Classroom program, we didn’t just get to hear  about  voice overs – we actually did them – crying, pig snorting, sea creatures  calling  out – we did it all and will be able to hear the  fruits of our labour when  Munsch time  debuts on stage. We’re ALMOST famous and if anyone needs to rent a make believe pig, Graham is your guy!

Day four promises to be equally exhilarating  and informative – set design will be  a key component of  what  we  learn  but again  it will directly relate to the  play we’re putting together. 
One positive of working in a theatre space is  that  we’ve been able  to devote significant  whole group time on initial  read  throughs  and practice for our play.
It occurred to me as it has  so often  that  we  could  not  do this  in the  classroom. Our lunch happens when it happens. Recess? What recess? But focused, productive, engaged work – you better believe it!

I’m psyched for what’s coming next and  there’s nothing  better than  to  be  engaged  and excited about  your learning.