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Beyond the Classroom


We are excited to tell you about the Beyond the Classroom Program. You are encouraged to read the parent letter and the blog posts below to give you some background on what we are doing.



September 19, 2016
Dear Parents:
We are pleased to tell you about an excellent learning opportunity we are introducing at St. Sylvester School at the Gr. 5/6 level. The Beyond the Classroom Initiative is an integral component of our School Learning plan. At St. Sylvester school, we aim to engage our students in their education by immersing them in experiential education. The Catholic  Graduate Expectations of an Effective communicator, Responsible Citizen, Creative, Reflective and Holistic Problem Solver, and a Life Long learner are all integral elements of how we hope to help students develop throughout the Beyond the Classroom program. All of the learning that will be taking place is in direct line with the Ontario Curriculum and all gr. 5 and 6 expectations will not only be met throughout the year but I am confident in saying, they will be exceeded through the excellent learning opportunities being offered.
As the program title suggests, students are being given a variety of experiences outside the classroom to engage them in the learning process. Organizations such as Sick Kids Hospital, Young People’s Theatre, the Toronto Zoo, Cieslok Media, Municipal Government and Provincial Government are providing the location and guest speakers for our students over four consecutive days (one experience per month). Organizations are asked to provide a dedicated space for our students to work over four days. Organizations are also asked to have four different guest speakers to talk to the students (maximum of 30-40 minutes per day). These talks will focus on key elements of each organization. For example, at Sick Kids, we are learning about the roles of health care professionals, the financial model of Sick Kids and Health Care in the Future. A full plan can be found in the blog links below.
We have received approval for this program from our school supt Mr. Malcolm, Superintendent of Curriculum Lori Dimarco, School trustee Mr. Del Grande and former Associate Director Gary Poole.
Parents are asked for two main things at this point in time.
1.     $50 for the 10 weeks of trips (a phenomenal price)
2.     That you take part in pre and post surveys that help measure the effectiveness of the learning that will be taking place.
Parents are also strongly encouraged to read through some of the web links below that  provide more information about the program.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to an excellent learning journey ahead.
Mrs. B. Stoner            Mr. R. Fernandes
Gr. 5/6 teacher           Principal