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Experience  #4 is  under way. We are immersing  ourselves in  the  world of  the  Canadian  Armed Forces at the Denison Armouries Base. Our learning  includes an understanding  of  what the diffferent  levels  of the  Canadian armed forces  are, careers in  the  military, history,  and  basic training.


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Day 1 Padlet is below


Our final artifact explanations are below. Pick the one that most interests you.


Option 1 Final Artifact military.pdfOption 1 Final Artifact military.pdf


 Option 2 Final Artifact Military.pdfOption 2 Final Artifact Military.pdf


A reminder that for day 2, you should come in with at least 3 pieces of NEW learning for your final artifact.



Day 2


We had an inspirational and invigorating day 2 that covered the many different careers in the military.








Day 2 padlet is all about career choices for future


Day 3 was an interactive look at military fitness tests and target practice.


After a full and eventful three days, please consider how to reflect on the experience.