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Some final thoughts on our Pan Am Experience with the 3 day itinerary and padlets below.



How do you encapsulate an inspirational three days in a few paragraphs? You can’t. What you do  instead is reflect on the memories, consider the  highlights and be grateful for the opportunity. Our Beyond the  Classroom experience  at the  Pan Am Centre was inspirational, educational, energetic and we hope for many – life changing.


The awe began  on  the first day as we walked in. How you can not be mesmerized by the beauty of the  facility is beyond me. We saw beautifully designed pools, gym spaces and athletic displays. And that was just on our way to our classroom arranged for us by Tamara.

Our time at the Pan Am Centre had a great mix of physical activity (Boot Camp led by Miguel and Zumba by Christine);
Educational guest speakers – Rafael Torres the Director of  Sports and Recreation spoke to us  two days in a row about both Government  involvement  in Sport and  the Legacy of the pan  am Games in Toronto. A surprise guest was Ben  Titely who took time from his  very busy schedule to talk to us about what goes into developing  elite athletes; concentrated work  time on developing creative and innovative fitness  programs  for  the  students  at our school, as well as an analysis of a health and  wellness article.
And then of course there were the unplanned for moments of awe – Ben’s talk being one of them; Having the chance to meet Canadian wheel chair basketball athletes; sitting in the empty aquatic centre taking in the ambiance and  seeing a diver go through her training  with  her coach.


A highlight for me was the life  lessons  in a different environment. That’s what Beyond the Classroom is all about. We heard from Rafael Torres -  the Director of sport about  simply being  a good  person; Ben Titley the Canadian National Swim  Coach about being  in the moment and eschewing  social media; Greg the strength and conditioning coach about  how  the micro  can lead to the  macro (small changes lead to big differences) Our students considered  their personal  legacy, how they will try to make small changes,  and most  importantly how  the  experience  at  the  pan am centre has personally impacted them.
We have left with  reflective  thoughts around  our futures and our own  legacy. Thanks  to Tamara, Rafael, Greg, Miguel, Christine and Ben. We appreciate  all you did for us and are beyond  grateful for the  fantastic learning experience.




Wednesday, February 7
10:00am                               Arrival, Greeted by Tamara


I will take everyone to the Leadership Room, which will be your classroom space for the duration
11:00am – 12:00pm        Activity: Bootcamp with Miguel


12:45pm – 1:30pm           Presentation: Physical Health & Wellness (Guest Speaker, Greg Lewandowski)
2:15pm                                 Departure  




Our discussion on final artifact is also included as a pdf. We'll continue to work on this on day 2.


pan am centre final artifact explanation.pdfpan am centre final artifact explanation.pdf



Thursday, February 8
10:00am                               Arrival, Leadership Room
10:15am – 11:00am         Presentation: Government Involvement in Athletics (Guest Speaker, Rafael Torre)
12:00pm – 1:00pm           Activity: Zumba with Christine
2:15pm                                 Departure

Friday, February 9
10:00am                               Arrival, Leadership Room
11:00am – 11:45am         Presentation: Pan Am Games Legacy (Guest Speaker, Rafael Torre)
2:15pm                                 Departure