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Our first ever Beyond the Classroom experience for a primary grade is taking place with our Urban Planning Unit. Day one was snowed out! Day 2 will be on April 30 and in advance, we're asking students to consider what wonders they have about urban planning. Please add your thoughts to the padlet below.


Our lesson from today is pasted below as well.



1.       Start by asking  students  what they  think makes Toronto a good  city


2.       What do they think are the important parts of a good  city?


3.       Discuss the  types of land use – commercial, residential, transportation
4.       How could Toronto  be a better  city?
5.       Thinking of the  environment,  what should  cities  consider?(green space, transit, balancing needs and wants, INFRASTRUCTURE [new  word  to teach])
6.       Maybe some more wonders on what questions they have about urban planning


8.       Show a padlet – Maybe we can do a pre padlet with questions they have about city planning or budget
Our curriculum connections in case we need to refresh ourselves ( I needed to do it for myself!)
People and the Environments  with  the Big ideas – human  interactions  with the environment as it pertains  to land  use (the curriculum  makes reference to  different land use – commercial, residential, transportation  as well as government involvement  in planning – all perfect tie ins to us working with  the City’s planning  dept.) There is also a parallel with Gr. 4 Social Studies – People and the Environments  - Stewardship of Land (this includes sustainable use of land  and  resources and  balancing needs and wants – again perfect  tie ins to what we’d be doing).
Day 1
Lots  of great  learning today. Among the things  we talked about were user fees (you need to pay to use some city services like the Zoo while others are mostly free like parks), consultation  (we need to talk to provide our input), budget (what are our needs and wants), and understanding  how to plan for a city.


Budgets can  start at any age.

 We got to learn how the City spends money.


 Andy Cui leading  us in budget talks.

















 Journalling  outside.




 We also got the chance to speak to a pretty important person. It's what happens when you go Beyond the Classroom!


Day 1 padlet is pasted below.









Day 2 was another excellent day of learning. All about parks and how they are planned for in the City of Toronto.
Thanks Heather for teaching us about rail deck park and making it relevant  to our

Two jobs for  our students today.
1. Learning log on what they learned from our two days. An example from the agricultural unit below. Sorry I can't rotate it yet.


2. Tell us your favourite part of the last two days on our new padlet.