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Our experience at George Brown has immersed us into the world of culinary arts. Students have been so fortunate to work with numerous professional chefs. 

Day 1 was a food demo with Chef Sanchez. Students learned about the importance of blending the four main taste flavours - salty, sweet, bitter, and acid. They were able to help make and taste potato gnocchi and homemade mac and cheese.

Day 1 padlet is below

IMG_5084 (2).JPG

We also introduced our final artifact. It starts with finding some experiential math related to our experience.



We shared with students the need to accurately organize their work. Every student will be coming up with their own experiential math problem for the final artifact.

A second key part of the artifact is to include an analysis of new learning using our What (is the new learning?), So What (why is it important?) and Now What  (what will you do now with your new learning?)

And of course with food, we had to include a hands on application. Our Top Chef St. Sylvester is in motion. Students are working in groups to create both a desert and non desert item. The plan will be to take a day in December once students have had a chance to plan out and research their menu and cook for the celebrity chefs (To be determined!)


Day 2 included the chance to learn food theory with Chef Missy Hui where topics included sustainable cooking, design concepts of an effective menu and price points of items.

Students also had the absolutely phenomenal opportunity to take part in food labs with George Brown Culinary students. The pictures truly tell a 1000 words. What a fantastic experience!




Day 3 began with a cooking demo with Chef Brewster on vegan cooking. 


Parents, get ready for your kids to cook for you this weekend....hopefully?

A reflection padlet is pasted below.

Our final artifact is aimed for completion by the end of the first week of December. Top Chef St. Sylvester on the way!

Sincere thanks to Bel, Christine, Chef Sanchez Chef Hui and Chef Brewster as well as all the many George Brown faculty and students who gave their time and expertise to making this experience a fantastic hands on experience for our students.

The final artifact

In a word....epic!

Our final artifact had every student creating a non meat entre and a dessert at school. 54 students involved in food prep and cooking. 2 teachers and one principal tasting it all. Yes, life is HARD work! But delicious work as well!

Have a look at the creations below.  Well done budding chefs. And from an experiential point of view, you just proved our is at its best when you go ....Beyond the Classroom!


IMG_1701 (2).JPG



IMG_1697 (2).JPG

IMG_1698 (2).JPG