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For any Leaf's fans out there, we're at the old Maple Leaf Gardens!!!!! Only thing that could be better than that is that we are learning about food and nutrition.


Day 1 included an awesome talk from Dietician Karley. We learned about the new food guide, meal planning and interesting things to consider around whole grain breads, ways to maxmize and increase our vegetable intake and how to live a healthier life.



We were given the chance to make our own healthy wrap (using whole grain products of course!)



Our students have started to plan out their own week long shopping budget and yes we're pushing you to consider how to make healthy choices. Fyi, healthy choices will often save you cost over packaged and not so healthy products! 


 President's Choice Cooking School Final Artifact.pdfPresident's Choice Cooking School Final Artifact.pdf


Day 2


In a word....Wow!


More words? In extreme gratitude for the time Chef Mark spent with us. He was interesting and inspirational and we were thrilled to get a behind the scenes tour of the kitchen. Thanks to Chef Mark and Marcello for taking their time to be with us.



Head Chef Mark sharing our lunch!


IMG_1573 (2).JPG

In our classroom session, Samuel had a question about how Salmon is prepared. Thanks to Mark and Ronnie for letting him see first hand how to slice it up!


A bird's eye view of the Loblaw's produce section. Makes you  want to eat healthy doesn't it?!


Our new learning padlet is below. 

Day 3


A great hands on experience as we worked with Carmen and her team to make our lunch today.



Lots of prep work above from the Loblaws team.


Food prep from the students.



And of course enjoying the meal in the eco containers we brought!


Mitzi also got a personal tour of the kitchen since she was absent the previous day and once Chef Mark heard she wanted to be a chef, he did some magic yet again!


Day 4


More of a work day on our final artifacts but at the end of the day, we had an awesome talk from Tom (Store Manager) and Bobby from the produce section. Notice the food in the picture yet again....we were well taken care of and fed each day!




We are so grateful for all the Loblaws team did to make our Beyond the Classroom experience truly memorable.