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Our third experience of the year is all about Careers. It's time to consider "what do you want to be when you grow up?"  We're hoping to take it a step further. We started by looking at the four ministry questions - Who Am I? What do i want to become? What are my opportunities? What is my plan for getting there? You'll see our good copy thoughts in about a week or two.


Education and Career Life Planning.png


As always, pictures to follow, but for now two padlets below.  


Day 2 saw us continue our journey into the future.


Math centred on mental strategies to solve real life math problems around Seneca's tuition costs. You can give it a try if  you're a non student as well!


Seneca College Beyond the Classroom Math.docxSeneca College Beyond the Classroom Math.docx


Today's padlet is moving us towards further understanding what our future jobs may entail.


Yes I HAVE been thinking of firefighting for MANY years as you'll see from the picture below taken 6 years ago!


firefighter Roy (2).JPG 


The website below  will help guide us at the start.


 We're moving towards creating a resume for the future you as you apply for your future job (yes you'll consider the education, job experience, and volunteer experience that you've hopefully had by then.)


Here's a sample from Ms. Stoner.  We'll add some student examples up as they're completed.


resume for Beyond the Classroom.docxresume for Beyond the Classroom.docx


You'll also be contacting a primary source about your job (Mitzi's example included - Email BTC Seneca Mitzi.pdfEmail BTC Seneca Mitzi.pdf and creating a day in the life.  Example below. And yes remember what critical thinking is because NOT all office workers have this type of "simple" experience.


Day 3


Fantastic day that will be documented more soon.


For now, here is the final artifact explanation.


final artifact for seneca.docxfinal artifact for seneca.docx 


Day 4


We finished our the careers experience with a fantastic day at Google's head office in Toronto that included hearing from a panel of Googlers about how they chose their jobs, doing mock interviews and having our top 4 resumes chosen by a google staff member.





google resumes.pdfgoogle resumes.pdf

One sample of a Day in  the life by a Gr. 6 student. And as commented on by her teacher    "About 300 pictures that she drew, took pictures of, and put together in video as transitions.

The soap scene flying out of the shower took about 11 pictures itself...Incredible!"