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We're ready for our first primary class  Beyond the Classroom Experience of the year!



Pre Padlet
What wonder do you have about our way of living in Toronto (think about your day to day life and the needs that are met)
Beyond the Classroom – Gr. 3 Social Studies
Our overarching theme - Focus on ways in which people from two or more communities around  the world meet their needs and have adapted to location, climate and physical features of their  region.
Pre work


1.     Words to know






Physical features


Affordable housing


Maybe they write down each word in their beyond the classroom journal and leave half a page.
As we move through the unit, they need to draw pictures AND give examples and words that explain the word
2.     Brainstorm parts of the world that are very different
e.g  Toronto vs Kenya   - Why are they different?
What challenges would people have in living in each region
3.     Introduce the word resilience – ask them to come up with a definition and example of it (I think we want to focus on idea of resilience means adapting to your surroundings)
Day 1    IMG_8418.JPG



10 – 1040 Resilience strategies    - ability to survive, thrive and adapt to any conditions  




10:40 – 11:10 Introduce Fact vs Fact Analysis using the presentation to help




11:10 – lunch




11:30 – downtown walk – noticing examples of resilience and examples of how Toronto has met needs (parks, buildings, churches, transit)   We ask them to notice way the city has adapted to needs


 Noon Mass at St. Michael's Cathedral


 1:00 Journalling and continuation of morning topics
Day 1 padlet is pasted below



Day 2


More learning  around what our city needs to work and how our budget impacts our city.




Here's our padlet for Day 2 


Day 3 was about City planning and we had a great presentation wiht some good Fact/Fact Analysis.


Day 4


All about the TTC. Pics and thoughts to follow.


Here's the padlet. ​

Our final artifact is pasted below.

BTC artifact urban planning 2019.pdfBTC artifact urban planning 2019.pdf