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 We're into Year Three of our program.


Please click on the side pages to see our current experiential learning that is taking place and if you ever have contacts to share with us, we're thrilled to receive new ideas.


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Sept 21, 2018  - Beyond the Classroom Year Three Is In Motion


It occurs to me yet again that the best classroom is life outside the classroom.


Learning is everywhere around us and we are doing a disservice to our students, our families, and ourselves if we think that learning has to take place within the walls of a traditional school. I have been teaching for 23 years now and I know I have taught my students well in that time. I also know that many of my best lessons have happened because I immersed my students in experiences outside the classroom.


Something as simple as journaling while sitting on a hill by a tree with the wind whistling in the background and the waves from the lake crashing in the distance can incite, inspire and motivate. It motivates me to want to write more, read more, live more, and quite simply be more.


Beyond the Classroom year 3 is under way. It is a year that will include experiences in agriculture (how our food goes from farm to table and the implications of organic vs non organic); what being a young Catholic means (3 days at St. Michael’s Cathedral to unpack that topic); career development at Seneca college, and Cooking school at President’s Choice Cooking School. Each experience will include a 3-4 day period immersed in learning outside the classroom and each experience will lead to the new learnings that can only come from experiential education.




Life and School are most valuable when you get out and experience what is happening around you. That is what we will continue to try and make happen at St. Sylvester. I’m excited for the journey ahead.




R. Fernandes