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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Healthy Eating at St. Sylvester


We are fortunate to have an excellent and nutritious snack program at St. Sylvester .This program runs through the goodness of parent volunteers and contributions from the Ministry of Education and the Angel Foundation. If you are able to volunteer, please contact the school.


Please note we are required to have items from three food groups (grains, fruits and vegetables, and dairy). Occasionally the menu will need to change from what is posted. We appreciate your understanding and support.


As part of our eco movement, we ask you to send your child with a reusable cup on Wednesday which is chocolate milk day.



Our menu is pasted below. This menu will need to change at times owing to volunteer absences or school trips.


Monday Pizza Pita -  Shredded Mix Cheese,  Celery/Cantaloupe 
Tuesday Crakers, Pieces Cheddar/Mozzarella Cheese, Cucumber/Oranges
Wednesday -  Banana Pancakes,  Chocolate Milk,  Tangerines/Carrots
Thursday Tuna/Chicken wraps,  Kale,  Apples/Grapes
Friday Bagel/English muffin -  Cream Cheese Oranges/cucumber



A link that was shared recently for those with an interest in nutrition