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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Good on you for checking out our  Check In Page. It's the way to stay informed. The plan is to paste the week's events on this page so that if you need to see what's up at St. Sylvester, you have a quick and easy way to do so. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what's happening in the week ahead.
  • And as always, it's not that I'm LOOKING to add to my emails, but feel free to email if you need even more info or if you ever check in and the week ahead is not posted. 


Oct pa day to be posted.docxOct pa day to be posted.docx


Dec 7 pa day plan.docxDec 7 pa day plan.docx

Monday, Feb 25
Roy trying to figure out what a networking break means
Tuesday,  Feb 26 –
11:00 - DPA in gym
Learning partnership Gala night
Wednesday, Feb 27
Ms.Ironside with Gr. 2 students at St. Aidan for reconciliation. Remaining Gr. 2/3 class dispersed.
Roy babbling incoherently about how he has not done morning announcements for 4 days!
Thursday,  Feb 28– 
Tropical Day
Principals course in our library for the day – Roy instructing but still doing morning announcements, taking part in hula hoop contest and trying to get to skating for a bit.
Skating in pm at commander park. Our time will be somewhat reduced owing to the further distance but I know everyone will deal because the fire at Agincourt wasn’t planned….
Friday, March 1 - World Day of Prayer
11:00 - Roadrunners