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The title is appropriate. You're here to check something out. This page will have some of the current initiatives (things) we're trying out. Be sure to come back and check this out whenever you have the time.


Our biggest current initiative is the Beyond the Classroom program. We encourage you to check  it out!

Our Town Hall


Taking our inspiration from the TCDSB Student Trustee Alison Gacad, St. Sylvester is getting ready to start our own townhalls with representatives from JK-Gr. 8. The point of the group is to engage our students in how to make our school a better place. We have no idea where things will go but it clearly fits in with our school learning plan of creating effective communicators, life long learners and responsible citizens.  Stay tuned... 


It's time for the NEXT Mural



Any thoughts on what you want to see going outside? The shark is swimming so now....







































































The Mural project has been completed


Here's the finished product of our school Mural. Thanks to all those who helped make it happen.


st sylvester mural.jpg


Here's draft 3 of the mural that's going up at the start of June. You can see other drafts below. Please consider providing feedback when time. Feedback received thus far is included below.


 Feedback from Draft 3



                                        Mural feedback
I like the shark in the one our school created and I think you should add the shark in the artist’s picture. Also they should add the vine/tree and take out the buildings.
-Add the cloud and or cross to the artist’s picture Gracy and Serena
-Replace building with tree idea (including planet on branch)
-Make the artist’s picture look more like ours mascot (e.g halo)
-keep children around shark, and frame  around artist’s picture
Add in the magnifying glass that depicts wonder and maybe some question marks that indicate curiosity Ms. Harrietha
I think I like the one done by the Gr.8’s better because it is more playful.
I am a bit lost with the artist’s picture. I like that the Gr.8’s included a bit about wonders. - Jessica E
I like the one the Grade 8’s did. I liked the ‘Operation Kindness” part beside the shark. The shark looks better on the Gr.8’s picture because it is our mascot.
-       Shanyce Grade 8




I like the border of the mural because it is very detailed.


The buildings in the picture look out of place maybe replace with a school.
-       Annika W Gr.8
The grade 8 picture looked better because it was simple, fun, and easy to understand.
-       Shanyce J Gr.8



Here's draft  2 of the mural that will be going up in our school.  In that world of descriptive feedback., please provide detailed suggestions for changes you would like to see. The main goal is to have a mural that combines principles of operation kindness, inquiry/wonder, and the Catholic Graduate Expectations.



 Draft 1 is below


mural pic.jpg 





It's Mascot Time


So it's time to choose our St. Sylvester Mascot. A Mascot will be part of our 

school spirit and pride. Think of something that will create that pride. Some

people think it should involve alliteration e.g  St. Henry Hawks but other schools go more with the Mascot they like such as St. John the Evangelist Sharks.


Your mission is to find a scrap piece of paper (something that has something on one side but not the other) and submit your Mascot name. We don't need a picture/logo yet, but come back and visit by Feb 9 and our top four or five choices will be here for you to start drawing pictures for and to narrow it down to the number one choice of mascot. Two prizes TBD will be given (one for the person who chooses our top mascot name and one for the person who designs our mascot logo).


Our top four choices as of Feb 6 are

Sharks (Jabari and many others but Jabari's name was chosen)

Saints (Jabari)

Rockets (Valentina)

Stallions (Clara and many others but Clara's name was chosen)


Sharks were chosen as our Mascot. You can see the top four logo drawings below.


Now we're onto choosing the top logo.

Which one do YOU like?



shark 1.jpg 


The winner as chosen by our staff and students

is the design below from Gracy in Gr. 8. We hope

to see this Shark showing up next year on our hoodies, shirts and track pants.


shark 2.jpg 




shark 4.jpg 


shark 5.jpg 


shark 6 - Copy.jpg







To Kill a Mockingbird


Gr. 6-8 students, our padlet from the YPT play to Kill a Mockingbird is below. Click on the link to try and add your thoughts. If you have trouble accessing it, you may need someone with a gmail account to sign you onto it.


Nutrition Program


JK-Gr. 8 students AND parents, we need your suggestions AND help for our nutrition program. See if you can design a full weeks menu for our nutrition program. It's simple. Each day needs a dairy product, a fruit or vegetable product and a grain product.Keep in mind that we only have two adult volunteers, so don't make the ideas too high tech. And if you know people that can help out, please have them contact us.


You can submit your menu ideas on paper, or be eco friendly and email them to