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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Eco Team


Visit our Eco page often to see what our Eco Club is up to in our work.


We're  guided  by the words  of Dr. Jane Goodall:   "What you do makes a difference,  and you have to decide what kind of difference  you want to make."




Sept 10


We had our first meeting today and talked about the key idea of


What if Everybody Did That?


Our first google doc of the year is pasted below for you to complete. 


An article you may find interesting is below





First thing is our opening survey - that is eco friendly!


Students, if you need Moms and Dads or brothers or sisters to help you type in your answer, that's fine. All answers are due by Wednesday morning. Thanks for considering joining our eco club.


Mr. Fernandes


We've had our second meeting and we're working on our first campaign now.


Add your ideas to the google doc below.


Meeting #3 and we've decided to start making PA announcements to let people know how to reduce waste for October 


Waste free week is NEXT week (Oct 16-20). At our meeting today, we agreed that you will be telling your class HOW  to go a week without garbage cans and that's our plan.


Remember to track your own personal garbage use at home starting next week. Amazing how much waste we create.


A google doc will be here by the weekend if you want to start tracking your waste.    Don't  start filling this in until Monday, Oct 16 and remember - it's for  anything  you put in  your home garbage.


We're onto our next campaign. Rethink what you drink. The goal is to get rid of all disposable water bottles and even most juice boxes. You can add your thoughts to the google doc below.




Our paper towel campaign is in full swing. The goal is to reduce how many paper towels each class uses.




January 2018


Time to review and  plan  ahead.


To this  point,  we have focused on reducing our  waste (reusable containers, less ziplock bags, less aluminum  foil); rethinking what  we drink (reusable  water bottles  over  juice boxes and ...ugh...disposable water bottles); finding  alternatives to paper towels (reusable containers for food, hand dryers or hand towels for drying  our hands)


On  Jan  18 at our parent night, we're going  to try and  get parents to take a pledge for one, two or all three goals. Same goes  for  our school. 


Starts with you eco team - spread the message and get others to sign on to our pledge.


Other areas we need to work on  in the months ahead


- A lights out chart for the hallway to help people remember to turn off their  lights


lights out.JPG


- an article in our community newspaper about making  small changes


St. Sylvester Newspaper 2018 FINAL Edit.pdfSt. Sylvester Newspaper 2018 FINAL Edit.pdf


april 2018 Info from St. Sylvester.pdfapril 2018 Info from St. Sylvester.pdf


- work on presentation for literacy night and principals' meeting - get other  schools to sign our eco pledge


- Mrs. Stoner to help get our food  garden going


Science Centre Eco members, please fill out the google doc below by this Wednesday. It's kind of like your ticket to go on Thursday!





Science Centre Eco Members - there's a post survey  to fill out from the conference. It's pasted below



Final Eco wrap up. What small steps have YOU taken this year and what do you still want to do next year.
Please fill this in eco team members by the end of April.