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Experiential Learning

Ever since I was a little boy (Romeo) who watched the TV show called "Wild Discovery", I have had an interest in big cats. They are all such beautiful, beautiful beasts! I mean, look at them - beautiful looking, gorgeous eyes, powerful and strong. Who would have ever thought that one day I would hold in my arms a real, live lion??
romeo pic lion.JPG

One day last school year, when I (Joshua B.) was in Grade 7, the class got to do an Inquiry on a topic of choice. I chose the TIGER because tigers are highly endangered. With this Inquiry, Romeo and I decided to sell freebies at school to help with lion/tiger conservation as they need our help. We went to the Bowmanville Zoo this past week and gave $300 to Mr. Hackenberger, owner of the zoo. Mr. Hackenberger is sending the money we raised to WILDCRU at Oxford University. WILDCRU stands for Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.
joshua pic lion.JPG
Mr. Hackenberger is such a nice man. Because he was proud of the money we raised, he let Romeo, Joshua, and I (Amelia) have a real live tiger and lion cub encounter. Now take that in - up close and personal with a LION and a TIGER! We got to pet and hold in our arms these two BEAUTIFUL animals! It was superb, outstanding, amazing, breathtaking, a bit scary, fun, cool, and once in a lifetime! I will never get to experience this again so I know I have been blessed with an opportunity very few will ever get to experience!
Eds note: Huge credit to Ms. Stoner for organizing this authentic learning experience for her students