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It started with a conversation about our favourite books. We talked about the main message from the book, an important passage from the book and why we would recommend the book. You can see some of the book posters below (these are now on display in the Chapters book store at Kennedy Commons).


chapters wall.jpg 


book poster.jpg


After our book posters were completed we came up with the two main places most of us get our books from - the public library and Chapters. Seeing as how Chapters was easier to get to, we decided to visit them for a half day field trip.


Questions were asked in advance by the students that were delivered to the Chapters store manager.


Some of the questions included


How many books do you have?

Do you have to pay for the books

Why do you like working at Chapters?

How many pages are in the books?

Where do you make the bread (that one was probably for Subway!)?


chapters sign.jpg

ttc bus.jpg



On Thursday, Mr. Nemes' Gr. 1 class and Ms. Ironside's Gr. 2 class along with Mr. Fernandes ventured out for a TTC bus ride down to the Chapters store at Kennedy Commons. Once there we met with the store manager Ms. Williamson who answered our questions and showed us around the book store. We also tried looking up the books we did our book posters on by using  the Chapters' computer.


chapters talk.jpg


After the book store visit came to a close, we went to Subway Subs for lunch before our return trip to school by the TTC bus. It was a fun filled day of learning. You can see some of our thoughts below.


back to school.jpg

Gr. 1

We enjoyed...


riding on the bus - Therese
looking around at your favourite books - Jophin
looking at the toys - Aaron
the sandwich and the minecraft toys - Kevin
when i found my book on the computer - Justice
seeing different types of books - Ami
You learned...
you have to show respect to the supervisor - Aaron
there were 100,000 books in the store - Jasmine


about bar codes and that you can make your own bar code - Egypt
Gr. 2
Here's what we learned from our trip today:
-that Chapters sells different series of books
- that Chapters doesn't just sell books it also sells toys and bags
- we can use the computer to help us find a book
- it took 2-3 years to build the store
- that Christine used to go to St.Sylvester
- they told us about some of the books they have in the store
What we enjoyed about our trip:
- eating our subs!
- taking the TTC bus
- checking out the Chapters store (looking for the books)
- going into the gigantic tea cup
- listening to Christi answer the questions
- enjoyed learning that they have over 100,000 books!
- singing our St. Sylvester cheer