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There is so much to learn on the  topic of zero waste. When we find any new and interesting weblinks, we'll paste them here for your reading pleasure. Remember, knowledge is power so stay aware of the  issues..


Bill 151 is the proposed bill to help the Province of Ontario move from it's low 25% rate of diversion into something more beneficial. Click on the link to read and comment on the plan to do this.  Our class comments are on the student email page.


Gr. 5/6 remember that your homework is to write down in your zero waste notebook 3 things you understand about the proposed Bill 151. We are having representatives from the Ministry of the Environment come to visit us  soon. Let's show them what we know.
We finally found a chip company with good packaging. Sadly, it didn't last. Read more below. And yes we've been in touch with the company, you can read more about that on our email page.