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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Alright, we're almost at the end of January, and we've learned lots so far.


For instance....


Some municipalities and some parts of the world don't use landfills but instead incinerate their waste. (Narek)


Methane is created in landfills. Food scraps in landfills decay and by the process of leachate create toxic chemicals (Rathika)


Different numbers on bottoms of packages (1-7) go in different places and number 7 is not accepted in our recycling program (Erika)


Bill 151 is a proposed bill that might give companies a consequence for packaging that goes in the garbage (Melissa)


Bill 151 says in 2017 there is an organics action plan (Nilayah)


Not all apartments/condos have the green bin system (Adejah)  and that's crazy because of how much food waste we have.


Incineration is a problem because we think we've learned that it releases toxic chemicals - methane and carbon dioxide into the air (Diana)


It's now time for next steps.


We were GOING to write this on chart paper, but we're trying to go zero waste so....


Click on the padlets below to see where we're at.


Thanks for reading.


Why are we doing this anyways?


How can we possibly achieve zero waste?


Who do we need to speak to in order for this to happen?


What's next?